Eiblhof Active Stall

Historic equine facility enhanced by Ecoraster

This natural open stable benefited from the affordable, high-quality base system. Their daily operating costs have been greatly reduced and the horses are mud free and happy.


  • Project: Turnout, riding facility
  • ECORASTER Model: S50, E40
  • Area Covered: 25,800 square feet

Project description

Eiblhof Open Stable is the latest Ecora reference project in west Munich. The long-standing Eiblhof Stable was established in 1687 by a fisherman named Matthias Eibl.  For the various different families who have lived on the property since then, the Eiblhof has always provided security and a reliable livelihood, even in tough times. The Eiblhof is currently home to the fifth and sixth generations of the Abenthum family. They made the switch from dairy farming to livestock farming at the beginning of the 1970s. Back then they had 81 young bulls and bulls. Eventually in 1998 they stopped this line of business and fully devoted themselves to tillage and agricultural services until 2006. At first, they no longer kept any animals on the farm. The Abenthum family remedied this "unnatural" state for a traditional farm, with their plan for and implementation of an optimized open stable or, to be more precise, active stable system, for keeping horses. Natural horse management was chosen!

"In the Autumn of 2007 we opened our active stable," Alexander Abenthum tells us, with an element of pride in the achievements of recent months. Making the decision to pursue a project of this scale, planning it and then implementing it required foresight and perseverance, which makes the result all the more impressive for brothers Stefan and Alexander Abenthum. A win-win situation for both man and animal. Thus a brand-new 3000 sq ft indoor area was built, divided into stable, straw and hay storage, and tack room. Adjoining the stable, the horses have access to a 16,000 sq ft Ecoraster reinforced, all-year-round exercise yard and 11 acre  paddock. There is also an outdoor riding arena (65 x 130 ft) as well as a separate trail around the entire facility.

ECORASTER is the product of choice!

Part and parcel of effective open stable management is optimum ground reinforcement! "We researched ground reinforcements in-depth at the Equitana trade fair, and compared many service providers and manufacturers," says Mr Abenthum, "and the products all seemed fairly similar at first glance. It wasn't until we began to look more closely and ask specific questions that the advantages of ECORASTER set it further and further apart from the other products."


You save time and money with ECORASTER!

Costs can quickly spiral out of control with a project like an active stable. Any way of cutting costs is welcome, such as doing the installation oneself, something which is entirely possible with ECORASTER. The reduced prepatory work alone makes a noticeable difference to the budget. Not only is less of a substructure required, a footing of only a few centimetres was applied in the case of this turnout. So the daily task of removing dung does not take long. The environmentally neutral ECORASTER – weatherproof and shatter-proof! According to Mr Abenthum, "The fact that the sun is unable to harm ECORASTER was one of the deciding factors for us!" The elastic polyethylene is frost- and UV-resistant and the grid tiles keep the installed surfaces perfectly stable at all times thanks to the safety interlocking system. There's no lifting or warping. In addition, no edging is required! Even the largest tractors can safely drive around the turnout. The ECORASTER grids can easily take loads of up to 35 t per sq ft, and this is TÜV-certified. For many horse owners, daily riding out is critical!


No more mud or sludge!

For many boarding stable owners, however, mud is one of the most serious problems, especially in bad weather. For the Abenthum family this will never be an issue even in persistent rain thanks to ECORASTER ground reinforcement. If the grid fill is water-permeable then the ground is optimally drained at all times. With ECORASTER, the footing is not mixed with a coarse base layer and the horses are always dry underfoot. The horses used to spend most of their time outside, even in snowy and icy weather, to the amazement of their owners. "It was only mud and muck they used to hate being out in. They would stand around the whole day long as if rooted to the spot. But rain and snow no longer bother them thanks to the new surface," says one of the riders, delighted, whose horse is lucky enough to have got a place here.


The health of horse and rider has top priority!

"The grip in the new riding arena surface in particular is very good. Excellent conditions in which to work with the horses." ECORASTER promotes a horse's natural gait! More than 20 curved ribs/sq ft mean that ECORASTER S50 is highly elastic. The flexible ribs of ECORASTER flex under the pressure of the hoofs. This spares the entire locomotor system and gives the horses more pep. This positive effect can be enhanced further by the use of a suitable footing. Since the ribs move up and down slightly when loaded, especially with the ECORASTER S50, the footing is automatically loosened every time the arena is used. Thus the horses always have a good ground feel and this improves the drainage function. So it's no surprise that Eiblhof active stable in the densely populated Munich region is now fully occupied with boarding horses, and a lengthy waiting list of horse owners has formed, who can hardly wait to get their trusty steeds into natural accommodation.

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