Vogt farm

Vogt riding arena drainage problems solved by Ecoraster

This multifaceted farm was challenged with poor drainage. The horses were often muddy and ill. The fast and easy installation of E40 as a drainable base worked immediately solving their problems.


  • Project: Paddock, access routes
  • ECORASTER Model: E40
  • Area Covered: 10,700 square feet
  • Year Completed: Fall 2009
  • Customer: Jochen Vogt's farm in Wadern, Saarland

Project description

10,700 ft² of Ecoraster installed in no time to the delight of customer and horses!

In the fall of 2009 our distributor Ecora, in conjunction with the Machine Co-op, spruced up Mr Vogt's riding arena, installing over 10,000 mft of ECORASTER E40. From deer farming back to horse breeding.

Jochen Vogt's business in Wadern/Saarland has its eggs in many baskets with its numerous sources ofincome. As well as raising chickens for eggs, wage work, tillage and grassland on over 240 acres, the 33-year-old agricultural engineering graduate also has forestry on 25 acres on which he keeps fallow deer. On top of that, he has been boarding horses since 2006. Numbers have increased from the original seven to eighteen, and his income from boarding is gradually filling the gap left by the unfortunate drop in venison sales. But Jochen Vogt is not worried; his flexibility and the space he has enable him to give new ideas free rein. At the end of the 1970's, fallow deer farming replaced horse breeding, and now he's going back to the horses!

Horse owners recommend ECORASTER!

Most horse owners are country folk. They know how to take take of their animals, but do not always attach great importance to appearance; after all, horses are there to ride and not to be seen. However, one problem was the mud in the enclosure where the animals loved to roll around in, one animal used to be caked so thickly that it was dubbed "the lizard". Something had to be done. First they considered levelling and draining the area. Then one of the owners mentioned "grids" he had once seen in a paddock.

Good advice and quick installation!

With expert advice from the Ecoraster manufacturer on grid type and substructure, they ultimately decided on the ECORASTER E40, because using it does not require a top layer of sand/footing. Work got under way in the fall of 2009: The upper layer of the 10,000 ft² area was removed and then 6" of angular clear gravel was layed on top. Next came the grid installation: The polyethylene elements came pre-assembled, which made it possible to install over 12 ft² at a time. Each section weighed less than 15 lbs, so with two men on the job the entire surface was laid in a day, and without scratched hands or sore backs. These were then infilled with coarse drainable compacted.

Delighted sustomer and farrier 

"It was the right decision," says the manager today, "... the horses are as happy as can be!" And the farrier reports that the shod animals are less susceptible to hoof disease and the unshod horses wear their feet down on the grid. The elasticity gives the animals a secure footing. No trace of a puddle either, thanks to the permeable system. The owners are very happy, and now the horses can be kept outside in winter too without any problems. The animals' behaviour has not changed at all, except that "the lizard" no longer has any scales.

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