"An der Hohen Warte" Equestrian Centre

Extending the season of the outdoor riding arena

The reputation of this well maintained and well known equine center was further elevated by the installation of the Ecoraster grid and specialized footing system.


  • Project: Outdoor riding arena
  • ECORASTER Model: S50
  • Area Covered: 27,000 sqaue feet
  • Project completion: 5 days
  • Customer: Stulier family, 95707 Thiersheim/Wampen

Project description

A new complete riding surface for the Stulier family and their idyllic equestrian centre in Wampen. In just a few days, the outdoor arena of Wampen Equestrian Centre saw the installation of a completely new Ecoground footing system consisting of various gravel and chipping layers for drainage, our ECORASTER grids, and the new Proground footing system from our distributor Ecora.


Although the outdoor arena of Wampen Equestrian Centre is one of the best-maintained and best riding arenas in the region, the ravages of time and extreme weather had not failed to leave their mark. Riders and mounts had to contend with puddles, frost damage and dust. The ground had been compacted, so excess water could not drain away. The result was that after even the lightest shower, parts of the arena were under water, or soon dried out in long stretches of dry weather. Also, the function and elasticity of a footing can be reduced over time if the ground structure is constantly weakened and damaged as happens when the ground freezes: a consequence of insufficient anti-freeze in the footing. At this point urgent action was required!

The aim

The aim was to have the outdoor arena of the Stulier family's Wampen centre shining like new and to find a long-term solution to the surface problems they had experienced in the past. We intended to lay the foundation for an optimized and weather-resistant reference riding arena without equal in the region and beyond using our new generation of professional footings, Proground, and the original ECORASTER. A challenge we embraced.


The optimum riding arena – weather-resistant, frost-proof and tailored to the specific use! At Wampen Equestrian Centre's open day, hundreds of equestrian sports fans from the region enjoyed the new professional footing of the outdoor arena and got into the saddle to see for themselves the advantages of the new professional footing. We hope the Stulier family, all equestrian enthusiasts from the region and, of course, our footing testers enjoy a riding arena that delivers on its promise!

Products used for this project