International Berlin Horse Show

High quality temporary equine events possible with the Ecoraster system

The Ecoraster system was successfully used to provide a high quality indoor temporary riding venue for many different disciplines of equine sports.


  • Project: Competition arena, warm-up arena, training surfaces
  • ECORASTER Model: E50
  • Area Covered: 32,000 sqaure feet
  • Project completion: 1 week
  • Customer: Internationales Hauptstadtturnier, 12345 Berlin/Tempelhof

Project description

In its role as exclusive footing supplier, our distributor Ecora had a baptism of fire at the long-standing Berlin horse show with its new riding surface concept, Ecoground, and our ECORASTER grids.

The last horse has jumped, the last rosettes awarded and all the stands and arenas taken down and packed up. There's not a trace of the spectacular, professional equestrian event that took place here just days ago. Out of thin air, so to speak, our team comprising Ecora and Stiller conjured up high-quality and professional equestrian facilities on the bare concrete of what was formerly Berlin Tempelhof Airport. Thanks to our new complete surface system, Ecoground, the new generation of professional footings, Proground, and the original ECORASTER ground reinforcement systems, we were awarded the exclusive contract to supply the surfaces for the show.

From the warm-up tent, the training surfaces and the last-minute warm-up area to the large competition arena in Hangar 6: on 30 September 2009 everything was ready in time for the start of an international top-class equestrian event.

A superb team!

Thanks to the committed, efficient teamwork of our experienced team on-site, the constructive and professional communication with the show organizers and the painstaking preparation ahead of the show, the Internationales Haupstadtturnier turned out to be a fantastic success for our complete riding surface system, Ecoground. The competitors, show organizers and the assembly of equestrian celebrities heaped praise and credit on our show riding surface and the discipline-tailored Proground footing.

The great challenge

Even though the show was to accommodate two different equestrian disciplines – dressage and show-jumping – in the one arena, with an equally high level of quality for both while meeting different specifications, the specially designed Proground Allround footing exceeded the expectations of all involved. "All the conditions are right..." said four-time Olympic Gold medallist Ludger Beerbaum, "...access, parking, stables, warm-up facilities and, above all, the good surface in the indoor arena, which is always the most important for our horses: everything was top-notch." (Source: Berliner Morgenpost from 5 October 2009)

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our warmest thanks to the organizers of the Berlin Horse Show, all competitors and interviewees as well as all workers and employees on the ground without whom such resounding success would not have been possible.

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