"PRADAR" Equestrian Club, Moscow

Indoor riding arena reinforced and stabilized with Ecoraster

The premium Ecoraster system was successfully used to provide a stable, reinforced and elastic riding surface benefiting and protecting both horse and rider.


  • Project: Indoor arena surface
  • ECORASTER Model: S50
  • Area Covered: 27,000 square feet
  • Year Completed: Winter 2007/2008
  • Customer: "PRADAR" Equestrian Club, Moscow

Project description

Ground reinforcement for the indoor riding arena of the famous "PRADAR" Equestrian Club in the heart of Moscow!

The time-honoured riding arena of the PRADAR Equestrian Club in Moscow could no longer meet the demands of modern equestrianism and was causing serious problems for both horse and rider. Large undulating patches kept forming as well as treacherous bumps due to the clay separating layer. With our tried-and-tested ground reinforcement product, the super-elastic ECORASTER S50, the PRADAR now provides its members with a professional riding surface that also consistently meets the highest standards.
Who or what is PRADAR?

The PRADAR or, to give it its full official title, "PRADAR, the Grand International Equestrian Club", was founded in 2000 with the assistance of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, but the building itself was built back in the time of the Czars and for this reason alone the architecture is extremely imposing.  Today the PRADAR is the heart of the Moscow Hippodrome with 800 horses on 105 hectares and its exciting gallop and trot races.

The PRADAR is also located in the centre of Moscow, in the heart of the vibrant Moscow city near the world-famous Kremlin. On its 22 acre site the PRADAR has an impressive indoor riding arena, two outdoor riding arenas as well as 70 absolutely exquisite stalls. In addition, the PRADAR offers state-of-the-art infrastructure, which one could justifiably call elitist and which need not fear international comparison.


The leading role that the PRADAR has played in the development of national equestrian sports since its foundation means that is also a national meeting place and base for experts and professionals from all areas of Russian and international equestrian sports. Both national and international equestrian events and championships are held here, the natural consequence of this being that the arena surface – which is also used for training – has to stand up to extreme demands. But first they had to get rid of an old bugbear!

A clay layer laid earlier had never performed satisfactorily and was definitely not up to the increasing demands. Every so often large bumps were appearing, which made it impossible to work professionally on dressage lessons, not to mention also being unsafe.  Investment in a new arena surface was well overdue.

A decision in favour of experience, quality and safety!

According to Michael Arutsev, the director of PRADAR, a long-term ground reinforcement solution was sought. They eventually decided on the tried-and-tested plastic grid surface.

After painstaking research all over Europe and analyzing the products of 15 different companies, they decided on our super-elastic ECORASTER S50 system and the full service package from Ecora, an element which was important to PRADAR.

The PRADAR quickly felt like they were in safe hands thanks to the many advantages of ECORASTER and the efficient organisation by the Ecora employees.

January 4th 2008: the starting date for installation

Work on the 24,000 sq ft arena surface began. First the old footing was removed, then the afore-mentioned cause of all the trouble, the undulating clay layer, was levelled off. On top of it came a layer of stone chippings. With that, the sub-base was finished. Now, the ECORASTER elements themselves could be laid. Everything went like clockwork. The PRADAR workers and ecora employees pulled out all the stops and after the uppermost footing was applied, part of the new arena surface could be opened after only three days. Not that there was any more time available, as the horses needed to work again. Most of the rest of the work on the surface was done at night, so as not to disturb the normal activities of the club too much. On the 11th of January, the entire new riding arena floor was opened for riding.

We would like to take this opportunity to warmly thank the employees of the PRADAR for their hard work and for their unstinting cooperation!

Know-how to meet the highest standards!

From now on, the interlocking system will ensure that the surface remains absolutely even. Over 20 curved expansion joints per square foot of surface will compensate for temperature fluctuation and provide the required elasticity. Together this provides long-lasting protection for the valuable horses' tendons and joints and reduce the risk of injury. Elastic, stable and robust! ECORASTER® S50 promotes a horse's natural gait. With its good elasticity and grip, it gives the horses and their riders a good, secure ground feel, without the constant fear of slipping at the next vault. This spares the riders' nerves as well as the horses' entire locomotor system, which gives them more pep as a result. With a sand layer of approx. 3-4" this positive effect was enhanced still further.

Unreserved positive feedback!

According to Mr Arutsev, the active members of PRADAR are extremely happy with the new surface. The feedback is entirely positive. The ECORASTER works excellently as a base layer. Concrete plans for the near future! Not least because of ECORASTER's solid performance in everyday use, the PRADAR wishes to establish a more extensive partnership with Ecora. A technology centre for equestrian centres and equestrian businesses is planned, Mr Arutsev informed us. There are firm plans for ecora to have a display stand in a permanent showroom – of course, with ECORASTER too!



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