Hippologica Berlin

Ecoraster enhances show arenas used by different equine disciplines

Ecoraster was included within the footing system of this prestigious show to ensure a “top-notch” riding surface for their high-ranking competitors


  • Project: Western and warm-up arena, hippodrome
  • ECORASTER Model: S50
  • Area Covered: 28,000 square feet
  • Project completion: 1 week each
  • Year Completed: 2007 and 2009
  • Customer: Hippologica, 81245 Munich

Project description

Tested and recommended by professionals – our distributor Ecora's riding surface and our ECORASTER grid system was in use at Hippologica in 2007 and 2009.The organizers of Hippologica '07 and '09 in Berlin needed a safe ground reinforcement solution for all of the show arenas. This was no easy task, as the entire spectrum of equestrian disciplines were represented at the show. From agility tasks to dressage and show-jumping, and on to the various Western disciplines and different shows. The warm-up arena, Western arena and hippodrome thus required a ground reinforcement solution that would stand up to these various different disciplines without any problems. The safety of horse and rider, and the smooth running of all the shows were paramount.

ECORASTER – knowledge covering every application!

Luckily, we had the ideal solution for these different requirements: ECORASTER, the original grid system. More than 16 years of development and informed know-how have gone into ECORASTER, giving it the excellent quality, safety and vast range of applications that were so important to Hippologica. Despite the narrow time frame, with the perfect organisation, experienced employees and ECORASTER's ease of handling, all surfaces were passed on time for the start of the show. On average, 50,000 visitors enjoyed the various shows and competitions on each day of the show.

Tributes and many words of praise for the arena surface.

Peter Mächold, course builder and himself a successful show-jumping and eventing rider found the arena surfaces "top-notch – good grip, not too firm, slightly resilient, very even and elastic! They were a pleasure to work on!"

Looking forward to future shows together

When the specifications are high, the value of quality and reliability "Made in Germany" in heavy-duty use is quickly learned! At any rate, the show's organizers are already looking forward to continuing the great working relationship with Purus and Ecora in the coming years!

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