Horse walker, Wampen Equestrian Centre

Ecoraster enhanced premium horse walker

The state-of-the-art equestrian facility was enhanced by the completion of the roofed horse walker with an Ecoraster floor system providing long lasting comfort and stability for the horse.


  • Project: New horse walker for the equestrian centre in Wampen
  • ECORASTER Model: TE50
  • Year Completed: 2012
  • Area Covered: 2,160 square feet – 52 ft diameter
  • Project completion: 7 days including horse walker superstructure and equipment
  • Customer: Tandler family, Wampen 27, 95707 Thiersheim/Wampen

Project description

The equestrian centre in Wampen is set in a beautiful location in the Fichtel mountains of Bavaria. The new state-of-the-art, roofed horse walker is also a sight to behold.

When the centre was taken over by Fabien Tandler, some of its facilities were completely renovated. Now, since the beginning of 2013, fans of equestrian sports from the region have had the perfect place to pursue their passion. Fabien Tandler, who has enjoyed show-jumping success at national level and is an experienced trainer, is a great believer in the importance of quality riding surfaces and other areas. After looking at different product suppliers, she soon opted for our tried-and-tested ECORASTER grid system, as value for money, service and functionality won her over in all respects.

A new horse walker with ECORASTER Terracotta

In only 7 days our distributor Ecora completed the construction of a state-of-the-art horse walker with an ECORASTER-reinforced floor, roof, fence and automated paddles. For the walkway, we installed the robust ECORASTER TE50, a grid specially developed for horse walkers and which withstands even the heaviest loads. Infilled with a high-quality quartz sand layer, it provides both horse and handler with the ideal conditions underfoot for safe exercise that is easy on the joints.

We wish Ms Tandler continued success in the future and are delighted to receive such positive feedback. The new indoor riding arena will also be finished soon with our terracotta riding surface grids. Read more about it here.

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