Keeping equine facilities mud free is relevant and important for the cold winter months as well

If the ground is muddy and freezes like that it is troublesome for many reasons.

Muddy surfaces are uneven, rutted and difficult to navigate even in the best of times. If uneven surfaces freeze, the ground will obviously remain uneven until it melts. Having such an uneven surface is challenging for booth horse and rider regarding safety and stability.

Pockets of ice will form in wells and valleys only adding to the challenging terrain. Imagine an uneven surface, now with ice pockets and then a thin layer of snow atop. I know you will agree that it is potentially very dangerous. Uneven frozen surfaces will also add to the difficulty in maintenance aspect.

Heavily rutted surfaces that are frozen are very difficult to access properly and clean fully. Ecoraster is guaranteed to provide a level, stable and easy to maintain surface ensuring health and safety of both horse and rider.